Travel Tips for Those on a Budget

Just because you are on a budget, it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to stay home all the time and miss out on the benefits that come with travelling around the world. In fact, there are many ways that you can travel affordably, and some of the top ways to do just that are listed below to help you get started.

Book Your Stay at a Hostel

A hostel is a great alternative to a hotel or resort when you are travelling on a budget. Just be prepared to share your bedroom and bathroom with fellow travellers (but this is a fantastic way to make new friends!). And the great news is that you can find affordable hostels all over the world, including in major cities. So, whether you are in search of a hostel in Rome or a hostel in Bangkok, just doing a simple internet search can yield some surprising results.

Know When to Book a Cruise

If you are hoping to book a room on a popular cruise, consider doing so early, around 6 to 12 months in advance. At that point in time, demand will be pretty low but supply will still be high, so you might be able to grab some incredible deals. But, when it comes to cruises, you can also grab some great deals if you wait until a few weeks before the departure date. At the point, though, there might be a greater risk that there aren’t any good rooms still available, so you might not want to wait that long after all.

Be Smart When Buying Airline Tickets

When you are purchasing airline tickets, keep an eye on prices starting four months prior to your departure date. You can keep monitoring the prices for deals up to three weeks before you have to leave, but waiting too long isn’t a good idea because fares are likely to be higher in the days just before your trip.

Also, consider the time of year that you are planning on travelling by plane. For springtime trips, it’s best to get your tickets 90 days in advance. If you’re booking a summer getaway, look for the lowest prices around 47 days before departure. And if you’re planning on heading off in the winter, aim to book your tickets 62 days in advance, but go with 69 days in advance for the fall.

Use Public Transportation

Sure, you can sometimes find great deals on rental cars, but ask yourself if you really need a rental car for your next trip. If you are planning on exploring a major city, such as Paris, London, Rome, or New York, you can get by just fine by using public transportation. Doing so will also help you save money that you would otherwise spend on fuelling up your vehicle and paying for parking.

Keep the strategies and tips above in mind as you book your next holiday, especially if you want to stick to your budget. Simple steps can add up to big savings.