Steps to choose an ideal floor lamp

15A floor lamp is perhaps a combination of beauty and functionality in one. It’s a functional piece as it offers plentiful light for working and reading purposes. Conversely, it’s also a beautiful work of art as floor lamps are readily available in numerous picturesque intricate designs which can truly make whole room very special. One stunning kind of floor lamp is Capiz style floor lamps. There’re also numerous other types that can differ from traditional and modern ones. It’s an attractive idea to purchase a table lamp and floor lamp together as these pieces always come in a theme and are sometimes expensive so ensure you know necessary tips so you may be certain you’ll be purchasing a reliable lamp from Here are few steps to get assistance from:

Step 1

You must determine first the purpose for which you’re going to use floor lamp. If it’s for reading purposes only, find a table or floor lamp which has sufficient light to do that activity. Then again if it’s only used for entire room, a low wattage bulb is required. These lamps are quite flexible so if you change mind in where to set them, you can set it elsewhere.

Step 2

It’s also necessary sometimes to measure space that’ll be used for floor lamp. Aspects like height are essential. Up light edge must be higher than level of standing person. While lower edge of reading lamp has to be below eye level. This measurement make sure decreased exposure to bare bulb glare. Although such lamps use smaller space, it’s still imperative to keep measurement in mind when looking for eyeing lampshades. You can visit more ideas about floor lamps to add according to your current themes.