Early last month, Humboldt County in California selected the Swiss company, SICPA, to track and trace cannabis produced for medical purposes. A leader in the industry of security inks, SICPA offers services for authentication of products and protection of the supply chain integrity — enabling their clients to track and trace products all along the supply chain. Humboldt County now adds to the long list of SICPA’s top level global clients – from companies to governments – that trust the company with their products security.

SICPA’s unique offer: a combination of IT digital features with material based security

Created in 1927 and originally targeted to the food industry, SICPA has grown to become a key player in the field of product security. SICPA offers a unique solution, combining digital tools with highly innovative security inks. While SICPA started in the 1940’s as a provider of security inks for bank notes security, it quickly expanded its activities to border control, supply chain integrity and IP rights protection.

SICPA displays a wide range of top-level clients

Today, SICPA serves a wide range of clients from various industries, in five continents.
SICPA’s clients cover a vast array of businesses from agrochemicals and pharmaceutical products to luxury goods and watches.

In terms of institutional or governmental clients, Humboldt County adds a new array of cooperation to the existing partnership between SICPA and California, which began in 2005 and gradually expanded to include more services, particularly in the field of cigarette tax stamps. California is one of 46 American states that use SICPA to monitor the cigarettes supply chain.
It is also interesting to note that prestigious organizations such as INTERPOL (intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation) have partnered with SICPA to benefit from its latest innovations and processes.


A bright future for leaders of the security printing industry such as SICPA


SICPA is already part of the top largest Swiss companies. With a growing global need for innovative security, authentication, verification and certification technologies, SICPA has a tremendous potential for growth. At the same time and while cannabis production for medical use is also increasing, it could well become a more significant field of activity for SICPA.