Preventing Forest Fires

Our national parks are some of the most beautiful places to take a vacation. From hiking to camping, there is quite a bit to do while taking in the forest around you. It is crucial to be careful while you are enjoying the parks. Wildfires destroy thousands of acres of woods every year. Emergency workers put in untold hours of firefighting and rope rescue training to preserve the lives of humans and wildlife. Here are some things you can do to help prevent wildfires.

Keep an Eye On It

If you are camping, keep your campfires in the rings if they are provided. Always keep watch of your fire and extinguish it with water if you are leaving or going to bed. You can also shovel sand on it to help it along. Do not leave it until the ashes are cool and the embers no longer hiss.

Stomp It Out

When you are out enjoying the forest, make sure to extinguish cigarettes, matches, and other flammable items properly. It may not seem like a threat but a discarded cigarette butt can start a fire if tossed into dry brush. Be sure to dispose of them in the appropriate place where they can safely go out on their own.

Know When to Burn You can start a wildfire without being on a hike. If you live near a wooded area, be careful and follow the local authorities’ orders when it comes to burning rubbish. If the conditions are dry, a stray ember can cause a blaze that is out of your hands. Always have the necessary items on hand to battle a fire such as a shovel, water and sand and keep flammable things out of your yard as you do so. Following these recommendations will keep you and your family safe from wildfires.