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Only taxis located at the stations at the arrival doors mentioned below (see “location of taxi stands”) are authorized to take charge of customers. These official taxis are recognizable by the bright sign on the roof of the vehicle. If you are approached leaving the baggage delivery room by people claiming to be taxis, we invite you to decline any transport proposal. Learn more

Taxis rates and packages

  • Application of a taxi package for the races from the capital to Paris airports and vice versa.
  • Between Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris “rive droite”: 50 dollars.
  • Between Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris “rive gauche”: 55 dollars.

Airport shuttle services have grown considerably in recent years in Paris and it is now possible to choose from many operators for transfers between Paris and Roissy CDG, Orly or even Beauvais. This term is often used to describe mini vans that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. In the majority of cases it is possible to choose between private shuttles (only for you) or shared (with other travelers). The latter option is the most advantageous financially because the cost of transport is then shared.

When there are transportation problems, when you want to go to a very specific place, when it is too late to take the subway or simply when you prefer the comfort of a car, we have the choice between several services, including a classic taxi or an Uber. But what is the best solution? In this article we will analyze the situation and help you understand a little better.

Understand the situation

The situation of taxis currently is not the most advantageous. To become a Paris Airport taxi driver, it is necessary to have a certification plate to practice the profession. However, the number of plates in circulation does not increase, which means that most drivers are obliged to buy a plaque from a retired driver. This is where the situation is complicated: the latter are sold between 120000 $ and 300000 $ (sometimes even more!)

Thus, when the VTC get a license for nearly 100 $ (registration fees), we can understand the anger of taxis, who find themselves faced with unequal competition, because they need to set up rates that allow them to pay back their plate.

This is why there have been many demonstrations by taxis and the situation has improved in recent years for them. Indeed, in the face of services that they could not apply, taxis were unable to remain competitive. The taxi service allowed individuals to use their own cars to shop at reduced prices. This was controversial, before being deleted in 2014.

Taxi strike

Taxi according to your means

Whether for an Uber or a taxi, prices can vary depending on several criteria. You can order at a terminal or spontaneously if you see one (especially when leaving an airport), and a taxi such as the G7, offering more services and generally at more affordable prices, which you can order online.You will find this same offer at the G7 with business class. We did a comparative study on our side to see the price difference: Generally prices are not too different.