Emotional support animal assist older people to live good life

An emotional support animal is placed with person who will benefit from emotional and physical therapy of having properly trained pet. Dogs such as emotional support dogs assist people (particularly elders) to live healthier, happier, longer, and a more fulfilled life. Most common variance between a therapy Dog and an emotional Dog and is that while Therapy ones are expected to go out with owners and be approachable in public, emotional support dogs on the other hand are only trained to support owners in home environment. So in short, emotional support ones most of the time aren’t trained for community access, not predicted to support owner in public gathering, and not qualified to travel on public transports.

emotional-support-dog-registration-3If emotional support dogs aren’t working animal, then why do we’ve to register & certified them? Basically, certification is a legitimate acknowledgement that the dog can comprehend and obey primary commands. Certification exists for both emotional and service dogs but qualification of each isn’t same but most of time, expert emotional dogs are qualified as certified service dogs in few cases. That’s as some owners trained their pet animal to make it a Skilled Dog – such dogs are expected to do particular task at home.

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