• How can an accountant help you to manage financial transactions?

    If you are an investor, own a corporation or self-employed, it is strongly recommended that you employ chartered accountants. CAs is not bean counters. They offer valued tax and business advice, assisting you to get your financial goals.By reading this editorial, you can easily make a more informed resolution on whether a business needs a Chartered Accountant or not, and more precisely, why employing a Chartered Accountant has additional advantages.

    chartered-accountants-1Becoming a CA is not an easy task. Such individuals spend years in school, should pass three qualifying examinations, and also should have thirty months of practical experience under an experienced CA, before they can get their CA designation.With such difficult educational requirements, such accountants have the knowledge to assist you and your business.Chartered Accountants should abide by a code of conduct for professionals. The code of conduct is quite extensive and needs to be chartered accountants to act ethically, be independent, maintain the confidentiality of their client, and also to avoid situations involving a conflict of the interest of both the parties. It also has been said that CAs has one of the hardest professional codes of conduct among many professional bodies.

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  • Advantages of outsourcing accounting services

    sales-tax-rates-chicagoExtent of your business fiscal transparency and level of expertise of individual responsible for such transparency would influence expansion and growth of your business in addition to its survival. That’s why bookkeeping and accounting are few most vital aspects of any business and must only be properly taken care of by certified professionals with abundance of experience.

    Despite of a size of niche and business, as it grows, need for keeping transparent and accurate financial records grows with it. That’s a good reason why aspect of the business should never be treated with levity. Considering relationship among in-house accountants and numerous other employees under same roof, outsourcing functions of chicago small business accounting services is often most suitable option in making sure the financial transparency in each facet of the business.

    But what precisely is outsourcing? Itspractice of giving out few job responsibilities and functions to an individual or a company that specializes in offering services for such responsibilities or functions, despite of an in-house employee or the department handle such type of jobs.Here are key advantages of outsourcing the accounting functions to an expert accounting firm:

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    Early last month, Humboldt County in California selected the Swiss company, SICPA, to track and trace cannabis produced for medical purposes. A leader in the industry of security inks, SICPA offers services for authentication of products and protection of the supply chain integrity — enabling their clients to track and trace products all along the supply chain. Humboldt County now adds to the long list of SICPA’s top level global clients – from companies to governments – that trust the company with their products security.

    SICPA’s unique offer: a combination of IT digital features with material based security

    Created in 1927 and originally targeted to the food industry, SICPA has grown to become a key player in the field of product security. SICPA offers a unique solution, combining digital tools with highly innovative security inks. While SICPA started in the 1940’s as a provider of security inks for bank notes security, it quickly expanded its activities to border control, supply chain integrity and IP rights protection.

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