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Benefits of Writing a To-do List for your Australian Trip

Australia’s experiences and tourism offersare enchanting and enticing for a large number of tourists from across the globe. This is proven by the number of people who visited Australia in 2018, either for a holiday or to visit friends and family. Based on Finder’s research, the number of Australia’s visitors happened to exceed 9 million in 2018 and this number continues to grow each year. Visiting Australia is incomplete without visiting some of the world famous places and stunning sights, make sure you venture outside of the big cities to see the best parts of the country. If you’re about to plan your trip to this country, don’t let regret consume you right after wrapping up your visit in Australia because you missed some of the most iconic places. Create a to do list so that you can prioritise the places you most want to visit and ensure that …

Preventing Forest Fires

Our national parks are some of the most beautiful places to take a vacation. From hiking to camping, there is quite a bit to do while taking in the forest around you. It is crucial to be careful while you are enjoying the parks. Wildfires destroy thousands of acres of woods every year. Emergency workers put in untold hours of firefighting and rope rescue training to preserve the lives of humans and wildlife. Here are some things you can do to help prevent wildfires.

Keep an Eye On It

If you are camping, keep your campfires in the rings if they are provided. Always keep watch of your fire and extinguish it with water if you are leaving or going to bed. You can also shovel sand on it to help it along. Do not leave it until the ashes are cool and the embers no longer hiss.

Stomp It

Tips for Traveling to Laos with Kids

Visiting Asia with children is something a lot of families are now choosing to do.  The Laotian people are very friendly towards children, more so than in other foreign countries, and you’ll find plenty of hotels, attractions, and events that cater purely for them.  You will also experience local staff going a step further with wanting to help you and your little ones.  Below are some tips on how to prepare for your first trip to Laos.

1. Be Realistic

If it’s your first trip abroad with children, it’s important to be realistic about how much you can fit into your trip.  Setting a strict schedule won’t work with young children, and you don’t want to end up frustrated because you missed your afternoon activity due to a meltdown.  Leave a few days where you have nothing planned too as you may end up discovering things that everyone wants to …

3 Essential Tips when Renting a Condo or Apartment in Phuket

If you have just arrived on the island, renting long-term property in Phuket can be a challenge, especially with the language barrier, particularities of the local real estate market, and differences in business practices. However, once you understand the basics, finding a great long-term rental is possible. But it’s essential that you get yourself acquainted with the whole rental process and have the right tools to get started on your property search. Here are some tips for anybody thinking of renting property long term in Phuket.

Know the Difference Between an Apartment and a Condo

In many places, the terms “apartment” and “condo” are pretty much interchangeable. But in Phuket, the two terms are vastly different. Apartments, for instance, offer more of a hotel experience and will often have extra amenities like internet and fully furnished rooms. They might even include things like cutlery and linen. Apartments are usually rented …

Tips for Renting a Bike to Get Around and Explore Bangkok and Surrounding Area

Thailand is a country filled with fabulous sites and stops for tourists, but if it’s big-city action and bustle that you’re after then Bangkok is the place to visit. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it is known for its mix of all things new and old. You’ll find spectacular architecture, temples, and palaces mixed in with modern structures and elements.

The city has more than eight million residents, and at any given time there are also a large number of tourists exploring. What that means is that getting around Bangkok isn’t always easy. This is exactly why bike (motorbike) rental has become so popular among tourists as a way to explore the city and the surrounding area. So, if you’re in the process of booking your trip to the city, here are some bike rental tips that can come in handy.

Be Honest About Your Own Bike-Riding Ability