A heart moving story of an infant

Before talking about best charities, let’s start with a true story to better understand the topic. The story about a child and written by her mother on her blog in which she explained very heart moving facts about her little baby who suffered from arthritis in her infant age. In the story, she has made a very transparent account of her baby’s condition and then the way she described awareness is really admirable. Her baby suddenly became a victim of juvenile arthritis.


Though the disease is mostly found in adults, but these loads of cases are coming out about the kids with juvenile arthritis. There is no suspicion that children are as dear to their parents as are yours to you. So, the need arises that if you intend to donate something, and the beneficiary is a kid, this will be one of the best charities. Another example can’t be set in this regard. This is the story about Bailey written by her own mother.

Salutation to this mother who has not only described the story but worked with great care and courage to fight again this doleful disease with the great result though availing the best charities as stated above. These kids of mothers deserve homage a great deal. These are the mother, it is said, who are the builder of the society. They are not only proved a cordial helper for their own kids but also for the society and especially the kids that are suffering from the same disease. She told us that when her baby was only two years of age, though she was all fit at the time of going to bed, it so happened that she woke up in the morning as usual but with bold from the blue that she had got a bad sore in her knee.